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Muni is currently a student at Naropa University in Boulder, CO, studying Buddhism and Transpersonal/Somatic psychology. After being asked to teach in 2000, she led and co-taught retreats in the U.S. and Canada, and offered Satsang gatherings and private sessions. She has worked with autistic and developmentally challenged children, as a nurse, and for over twenty years as a Yoga instructor. She has been with her husband for 32 years and has two daughters. She loves the Truth, and she loves Nature.

About her teaching, Muni says:

“My teaching comes from my experience and from a spontaneous flow not claimed as my own but uniquely expressed through me. All events reveal sacred teachings. We are one interconnected, interwoven Whole: all people, all species, all of life, all being, everything. We cannot exclude any part of ourselves, of life, of other beings, from our perspective. Welcoming all aspects of life, as teachings, contributes to a sense of gratitude that expands us beyond our limited, self-absorbed viewpoint and opens us to the sacred space we all live in.” 

Muni is currently available, as university obligations permit, for private sessions and gatherings. You can contact her at